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Order Two Little Boys on DVD

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Two Little Boys will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in New Zealand, this Thursday the 24th of January. Order via mightyape.co.nz [DVD, BLU-RAY] where International delivery is available.

It will be released in Australia on the 22nd of March. Pre-Ordering is available through Sanity [DVD, BLU-RAY] and JB Hi-Fi [DVD, BLU-RAY]

Catch Two Little Boys in cinemas now as Hamish gets handy with an axe

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"In the just-released New Zealand film Two Little Boys, Melbourne radio and television comic Hamish Blake – one half of the successful duo Hamish & Andy – has a mullet, the beginnings of a gut, swears a lot, and cheerfully dismembers a corpse with an axe. In other words, he has become an actor.

“My overwhelming motivation for a lot of the scenes was not to let everybody down,” notes the drily exuberant 30-year-old. “Everybody else there constantly worked on films and they all clearly knew what they were doing. For them it was a process to work through, whereas I'd never been in a film before.”

Blake actually did have a small role in the Peter Helliar-devised 2010 Australian comedy I Love You Too, although he admits that was another example of where posing as an actor left him decidedly nervous. As a hotel bellhop he shared the screen with the talented American actor Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), and felt compelled to make a good impression for Helliar's sake.

"I had to pretend to know more about acting when I was talking to Peter Dinklage off camera that day because I didn't want one of the best actors in the world – that's Peter Dinklage, not me – coming here and realising that Pete had cast a friend who couldn't act in his film,” Blake says. “I may have lied about other films I'd done and mentioned some workshops with Baz Luhrmann.”

Blake was more of an equal with his Two Little Boys co-star, Bret McKenzie, who was also on sabbatical from a well known pairing, New Zealand's nebbish songwriters and sitcom stars Flight of the Conchords. McKenzie was as inexperienced a film actor as Blake, and their lack of overt technique suits a black comedy about the increasingly nightmarish burden of being someone's best friend for life.

In the movie, directed by Robert Sarkies and adapted from his brother Duncan's eponymous novel, McKenzie plays the ineffectual Nige, a resident of Invercargill on New Zealand's south island in the early 1990s whose humble efforts to get his life on track are derailed after he accidentally kills a Norwegian backpacker. Panicked, he turns for help to his former best friend, Blake's Deano, who sees a chance to reclaim his platonic soulmate no matter what the cost.

“The dynamic of the film is anti-buddy – it's essentially a break-up movie for a heterosexual male friendship,” explains Blake. “It's about possessiveness, control and tension. Deano is borderline psychopathic.”

Deano's exuberant bogan embrace of body disposal and other crimes builds on Blake's accepted comic persona, as a cheerful fantasist who refuses to deviate from what he believes no matter how bad it gets. On radio that makes self-delusion amusing, but in the movie it veers into the uncomfortable and threatening.

“The darker it got the more intrigued I got. From a personal level it was so different that I didn't quite know at first what to do with it,” Blake says. “In terms of heroes of mine, the Will Ferrells and the Bill Murrays, I find it fascinating when those guys do something a little bit more serious, but my intention wasn't to be the Sad Clown.”

Blake auditioned for the part, subsequently meeting McKenzie so the filmmakers could assess their chemistry together. As the shoot progressed, and the narrative crept up on Coen brothers' territory, the two found themselves becoming good friends as the backdrop to each day's work became darker for the neophyte leads.

“There were times that we just looked at each other and said, 'Did that feel OK for you? Your acting was good. Could you tell I was acting?' ” recalls Blake. “We had this running joke that acting was this elusive thing that we hoped we were doing.”

[Sydney Morning Herald]


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Publicity for Two Little Boys' upcoming Australian release

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Before its official release on November 15 Hamish Blake will introduce TWO LITTLE BOYS at a preview screening in Southland, Melbourne on Wednesday, November 14 at 7pm. Buy tickets here via villagecinemas.com.au and Like the official Facebook page of the movie for regular updates.

Two Little Boys Clip: 'B Section'

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[via HopscotchFilmsEnt]

Two Little Boys is showing now in New Zealand cinemas and will be released in Australia on the 15th of November, 2012. Like the official Facebook page of the movie for updates.

TWO LITTLE BOYS - What is it?

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Two Little Boys New Zealand Premiere and Publicity

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'Invers' glams it up for stars

"Fancy frocks sat beside mullets and checked shirts in Invercargill yesterday as fans and stars braved the weather for the much-anticipated premiere of Two Little Boys.

Australian actor Hamish Blake - who plays one of the main characters, Deano, in the film - declared it to be a "tropical" evening for "Invers".

While Blake was enjoying the "warm snow", his partner-in-crime and co-star Bret McKenzie was having to deal with sign envy.

The Flight of the Conchords star said he felt a little jealous when he spotted a giant poster with "We Love Hamish" on it.

McKenzie had to settle for a wee placard that simply read "Brett". At least it had an extra "T".

However, both actors said they were excited about the film's premiere and thanked fans for their support.

"Some of the fans have been waiting outside in the cold for hours," McKenzie said.

Two Little Boys' director Robert Sarkies said he hoped moviegoers would fall in love with a "truly Kiwi film".

"It is packed with some great New Zealand actors and some fantastic Kiwi music," he said.

The Southland scenery was also an integral part of the film's charm, he said.

Maaka Pohatu, who plays Gav, appeared a little uneasy with the star treatment on the night but said he had a great time during the making of the film.

"It was my first real film experience," he said.

Before the arrival of the stars, fans who had purchased tickets to the gala premiere had the chance to dress in their finery and stroll down the red carpet.

The Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra, of which McKenzie is a member, kept the crowd musically entertained.

Those brave fans who did not have tickets to the film lined the barrier and waited in the cold and drizzle hoping to glimpse the "Two Little Boys".

Katherine Robertson and Kendal Cosgrove, both 15, arrived early and were rewarded when they got a chance to grab a hug from Blake and McKenzie.

Last but not least, after the actors had their chance to shine, Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt led a group of dignitaries, including his partner Asha Dutt and Southland District Mayor Frana Cardno, down the red carpet before the party moved inside the Civic Theatre"

[Fairfax NZ News]

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Ozzie comedian makes his Kiwi film debut

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"Hamish Blake knows how to tickle our funny bones, but the hotly anticipated Kiwi film Two Little Boys challenged him to deliver a darker style of comedic performance than fans of his TV3 show Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year are accustomed to.

The Duncan Sarkies-directed flick, which opens in cinemas on September 20, is a black comedy set in 1990s Southland.

It follows his character Deano and best mate Nige (Flight of the Conchords star Bret McKenzie) as they clash while trying to cover up the death of a Norwegian backpacker. Hamish revelled in his first film role, which involved some scary encounters with wildlife and plenty of underwear scenes. Oh, and lots of cheesy rolls.

We couldn’t help but notice your character happens to be Australian. How convenient.

Well detected. When this audition came up, I said, ‘I have to be honest with you guys and say I can’t do a Kiwi accent, and if I did do one it would probably be offensive to all New Zealanders.’ So in the film my character moved to New Zealand when he was six.

Did the Southlanders slug you with any Australian jokes?

I reckon because I was the guy buying the most cheesy rolls off them, they really appreciated the business. I could put away six or seven rolls at a time. They saw me as a walking gold mine.

An Australian newspaper gave you a hard time for your weight gain on set.

The headline was ‘Hamish’s big fat acting role’. My character maybe didn’t have the most nutritious diet, so I thought that I should put weight on for the role. That’s my story. Another way to look at it might be that we started filming in about January and I had a particularly festive Christmas.


What was it like working with Bret McKenzie?

I was a huge fan of Conchords, so it was great. Our characters have a horrible friendship, and it was hard because off screen Bret and I were becoming friends, then on screen we’d have to go back into what was like an abusive marriage.

The film is very different to your normal comedy.

The chance to do something where you’re playing a real character was a lot of fun – and this one is a very dark, twisted, almost psychotic character.

Was it scary doing the beach scene where you charge towards a sea lion?

It was scary. We just kind of had to wait for a sea lion to show up. I’m trying to be angry and tough, but I was terrified!

You spent quite a bit of time on screen in your underwear.

I’ve done a lot worse things."

[NZ New Idea]

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Coming Up:

  • PREMIERE: Invercargill Civic Theatre, Invercargill, Tuesday the 11th of September from 5.30pm [Details]
  • ADVANCED SCREENING AND Q&A WITH HAMISH AND BRET: Event Cinemas, Queen St, Auckland, Wednesday the 12th of September from 6.30pm [Details]
  • ADVANCED SCREENING AND Q&A WITH HAMISH AND BRET: The Embassy Theatre, Wellington, Monday the 17th of September from 6.00pm [Details]

Two Little Boys Teasers

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Watch interviews, clips and behind the scenes footage from Two Little Boys featured on TV One's [New Zealand] "Sunday" on Sunday the 2nd of September here.

Like the official Facebook page of the movie for updates.

Two Little Boys Clip: 'Counting the Beat'

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[via HopscotchFilmsEnt]

Like the official Facebook page of the movie for updates.

Invercargill premiere confirmed for Two Little Boys

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"Dust off the red carpet, dig out the gladrags and groom those mullets. The premiere of Two Little Boys is coming to Invercargill.

After months of speculation, the team behind the Sarkies brothers' latest film has made it official: the New Zealand premiere of Two Little Boys will be held at the Civic Theatre on September 11.

Director Robert Sarkies said he was excited to bring the film "home to Invers".

"We owe the city a huge debt of gratitude for their support that we hope to repay with a big party of a premiere that unveils both the film and the region.

"With Bret, Hamish and Mayor Tim on the red carpet together it's going to be a blast.”

The film, which stars Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie and Australian Hamish Blake from comedy duo Hamish and Andy, was filmed around Southland last year.

Based on the book by Duncan Sarkies, the film focuses on best mates Nige and Deano, their mate Gav, and the trio's adventures after Nige runs over a Scandinavian football star "in an unfortunate incident involving a hot meat pie, a ginger cat and a policeman".

The film was originally due to be released in March but was delayed when McKenzie was nominated for, and won, the best song Oscar for Man or Muppet from The Muppets movie.

Two Little Boys co-producer Vicky Pope said she was thrilled to be premiering the film in its hometown.

"[It] was made possible because of Invercargill's vote of confidence in our team . . .

"We had a wonderful partnership with our local investors and felt incredibly supported throughout the production by them and many locals and businesses from the area.

"It's great to be taking the film back to the community of people who helped get it made.”

A limited number of tickets for the premiere will go on sale from Ticket Direct and from the Invercargill City Council on August 22. The tickets include entry to a special function at the Civic Theatre before the screening and a stroll along the red carpet.

There will also be a limited number of tickets available to students of the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT), as the institution was crucial in supporting the film being made in Invercargill. These will be sold through SIT to students directly at a discounted price from August 22.

Two Little Boys screens in New Zealand cinemas from September 20."

[The Southland Times]